David Lynch (Quince) Opening St. Vincent in the Heart Space


Former interior of Heart. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

I recently heard some rumblings about Quince/Cotogna’s wine director, David Lynch, doing a project in the Mission, and according to this story in the Inside Scoop, he is taking over the ~HEART~ space and opening a restaurant. Heart’s current owner, Jeff Segal, is moving back to New York for personal reasons, and Lynch will then launch his own project, ~ST. VINCENT~ (who is the patron saint of wine growers). The ink on the deal should be done in mid-December; Heart will close on Saturday December 10th. No word on what is going to happen to all those Mason jars, heh.

Fortunately the remodel is going to put a full kitchen in the space. As for edibles, the concept is being described as “American osteria,” and Chris Kronner will be consulting on the menu (think pub-inspired fare, with some family-style plates).

Lynch is putting together a list of 100 bottles, all under $100—and will be selling them as half-bottles for half the price. Yup, the master of Cotogna’s $40 wine list had more tricks up his sleeve. And while his passion is for Italian wine, it’s not going to be an Italian list. Look for an opening in the first few months of 2012. And in the meantime, Lynch will continue in his role as wine director at Quince and Cotogna; we’ll see what happens next. 1270 Valencia St. at 24th St.