Deals on Meals and Power Lunches for You, Yo!


Cupola Pizzeria interior photo by John Benson.

Swing on by ~CUPOLA PIZZERIA~ in the Westfield Centre for their new La Festa di Tutte Le Feste (“the feast of all feasts”) special. For $30 per person, chef Christian Hermsdorf will put together a special meal for your table (everyone has to order it). Anything on the menu is fair game, and the staff will ask if there is anything on the à la carte menu that has caught your eye (amounts of dishes and portions are dependent upon the number of people at the table). Dessert is included (but not beverages).

~POSTRIO~ has launched a new power hour lunch menu for $13—you get a full sandwich (like a Cubano) or personal pizza and a choice of salad (mixed greens, fruit salad, or romaine heart salad). And you’ll be in and out in 45 minutes. 545 Post St. at Taylor, 415-776-7825.

Over in Sausalito, ~MURRAY CIRCLE~ at Cavallo Point has a new power lunch menu as well from executive chef Justin Everett. You get a four-course meal served on one plate for $22. It includes a little gem salad, soup, a choice of four specialty sandwiches served on housemade bread, and freshly made chips with coal-roasted onion dip. You can add a glass of red or white wine for an additional $6. Available Mon-Fri.