Déjà Vu: Have We Not Met Before?


Salsa trio A.


Salsa trio B. Flickr photo by markevnic72.

Welcome to Déjà Vu: The Salsa Edition. Déjà Vu is a new feature on tablehopper where I will occasionally be highlighting two similar dishes (like, too similar), and you have the chance to call out where you’ve seen them. And, most importantly, vote on which one you think (or know) came first. I will post a recap of all your answers in the next issue of tablehopper.

Sure, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (“If you like Giorgio, then you’ll love Primo!”), but it can also chap your hide. (This inaugural edition was inspired by a cranky tweet I saw, calling the dish out.) Feel free to send in sightings, images, suggestions, and gripes (chefs, I am talking to you—all Déjà Vu sightings will remain anonymous, so feel free to call out any copycats that are jocking your style).