Details on 4505 Meats' Project in the Brother-in-Laws Space


The 4505 Meats smoker in action, with chickens and pork shoulder. Photo via Facebook.

We broke the news on Wednesday that Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats is going to be opening a barbecue spot in the former Brother-in-Laws/Da ‘Pitt on Divisadero. Here are some follow-up details for you: the original wood-fired barbecue pit will be kept intact (damn straight), but otherwise the building—which dates back to the 1930s—is going to be completely refurbished (but still keeping things casual). One bonus: they are going to create an open-air patio on the lot that flanks the space.

On the menu, you’ll find 4505 classics like The Best Damn Cheeseburger, meaty barbecue selections (naturally), their artisanal sausages, and other meats. Of course, some of the demented concoctions from the 4505 farmers’ market stands will also be in the mix. Bonus: there will be food for both takeout and delivery, and local beers and wines will be poured.

I’m happy that a local crew who uses quality and sustainable meats (like Magruder Ranch) is taking over the spot, and 4505 definitely knows what tastes good. That location has deserved some TLC for a long time, and Ryan and Cesalee Farr are gonna fix it up real nice while keeping it real. The buildout begins in a few weeks; look for an opening later this year. 705 Divisadero St. at Grove.