Dogpatch Update


Serpentine photo via Facebook.

Dogpatch continues to rock it. Exhibit A: ~SERPENTINE~ is now open on Monday nights for dinner service. Yup, there’s that kickass burger, and a nice full bar.

And this is what happens when people tell me things when I’m out on the town at a wine tasting and it’s late: I forget I leave myself voice memos about things like, oh, Michael Recchiuti moving into the ~PICCINO~ space later this year. Of course I remember when I see the piece later, like this writeup in SFoodie. D’oh! So, it’s a bit early to determine what the concept will be, but it’ll be more than a chocolate shop/café. The piece mentions charcuterie and cheese plates, and knowing Recchiuti’s creative mind, there will assuredly be much more. Stand by for details as things develop—it’s currently TBD when Piccino will be making their move into their bigger digs down the street. 801 22nd St. at Minnesota.