Don't Miss This Special Visit from Japan's Ramen King, Osamu Tomita


Don’t miss the California premiere of Ramen Heads at SF IndieFest! Photo courtesy of SF IndieFest.

Some of you may remember me blathering on about how amazing the Ramen Heads film is, and great news, it’s going to be screening in the Bay Area next week (March 23rd). But that’s not all. Nope. One of the ramen masters featured in the film, Osamu Tomita (he is known as Japan’s Ramen King and has won Best Ramen of the Year from Japan’s most prestigious ramen guidebook for the fourth year in a row) of Chuka Soba Tomita in Matsudo, Chiba, is coming to the Bay Area! He’s obsessed (really, you have to see the film) and serves a rich tsukemen (dipping style) and ramen (soup noodle style) at his shop, known for its deep and complex flavor. He will be collaborating with ~RAMEN SHOP~ in Rockridge, serving his tsukemen (with California ingredients) one day and ramen the next. I know, amazing.

On Friday March 23rd, he’s serving a tsukemen special lunch course (rich tonkotsu Gyokai tsukemen, dipping style). Tickets/seatings here: $45 early bird (sales end March 16th), $50 general admission.

And then on Saturday March 24th, he’s serving a Tomita special ramen bowl (rich tonkotsu Gyokai ramen, soup noodle style). Tickets/seatings here: $30.

This incredible collaboration is the launch event from the Air Restaurant Project Team by ANA (All Nippon Airways), a global culinary project designed to bring talented Japanese chefs to the U.S. Look for more cool events coming up this year!