Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Sky! It's in My Front Yard!


Photo of Douglas Quint: Rosier/News.

No, not that double rainbow, nor this one, but Sunday is all about some serious rainbow power, and ice cream, because Douglas Quint of Manhattan’s Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is comin’ to town! Quint will be serving a special sundae created with Humphry Slocombe’s Jake Godby. (Since The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is known for their soft-serve ice cream with toppings like wasabi pea dust, or dulce de leche, you know that sundae is going to be creative.)

And just to add some extra SF campiness, Beach Blanket Babylon’s Glinda the Good Witch (Chavé Alexander) will be there to help pass out the sundaes. And that’s not all: The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin will also be in attendance for the premiere of her never-before-heard theme song, “The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.” I mean, come on—someone might explode into a glitter cloud. It all goes off this Sunday August 22nd at 7pm at Humphry Slocombe. 2790 Harrison St. at 24th St.