EatWith Tablehopper Event: Aperitivo Time in Rimini (on July 16th!)


The fantastic lasagna at The Italian Homemade Company, one of the many crazy delicious pasta dishes they make. Photo: ©


The classic piadina (at The Italian Homemade Company). Photo: ©


You know the Negroni recipe, right? Photo courtesy of Campari America.

You ready for another tablehopper evening, where you’ll be well fed and served delicious aperitivi with fun people? I thought so. It’s Aperitivo Time in Rimini! For this event, I’m happy to announce that I’m partnering with EatWith, which is a global platform for unique dining experiences—it’s a great way to discover home restaurants and pop-ups, locally and around the world.

First, I have to ask: have you ever had a piadina? If you have visited the Italian beaches in Rimini, you will fondly recall these warm, flatbread-like sandwiches, classically filled with tangy stracchino cheese, thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma, and peppery arugula. And there is now (finally!) a place in San Francisco where you can find them: The Italian Homemade Company in North Beach, run by some bona fide Romagnoli (which would be people from the region of Emilia-Romagna), Mattia Cosmi and the aptly named Alice Romagnoli.

So here’s your chance to try a piadina, or revisit one, as we explore the cuisine of Emilia-Romagna over some classic aperitivi made by Rye on the Road, like an Aperol spritz, Negroni Sbagliato, and more. Mille grazie to Campari America, who is helping us host this special night in North Beach.

On Thursday July 16th, Italian Homemade will be open after-hours so we can host this casual affair: imagine your dream cocktail party, with passed piadine, cassoni (a hot, stuffed sandwich that is like a calzone made with piadina dough—they’ll be serving a traditional cassone with spinach, potato, and mozzarella), and tortellini pasticciato (the sauce is made with Bolognese and béchamel!). Plus some tiramisu! The chefs will be telling us about each dish too.

It’s a casual space (it’s like a deli), so come as you are. It’s really about having a chance to hang out after work, meet fellow tablehopper readers and EatWith fans, and learn about the food of Emilia-Romagna (and aperitivi)! We’ll be pouring some red wine as well.

And be forewarned: you’ll probably see some Italian products on the shelves you’ll want to bring home, or maybe a little something fresh from the pasta case!

The event is on Thursday July 16th, beginning at 6:30pm, and will run until 8:30pm or so. Tickets on EatWith are just $39, and tablehopper readers can use an extra-special first-time user discount code: use code EatWithMarcia for 15 percent off. You’ll enjoy passed aperitivi and cocktails, appetizers, pasta, and dessert. We look forward to seeing you—and eating with you! 716 Columbus Ave. at Filbert.

Event Info

Thursday Jul 16, 2015
$39 (use code EatWithMarcia for 15 percent off)
The Italian Homemade Company
716 Columbus Ave. at Filbert