Exciting News from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the New Mission


Photo via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Yesterday the upcoming ~ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMA AT THE NEW MISSION~ broke the internet (well, the local one) with its announcement that it was going to be selling tickets to the new Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which will coincide with their grand opening, on Thursday December 17th. Exciting times.

While they sorted out ticketing issues, another piece of news was released: their chef is the one and only Ronnie New, coming over from Comstock Saloon after 2 1/2 years there. New is currently in Austin doing local cuisine research and recon (tough work) and says the food is going to be regional American—similar to their Austin Alamo locations—but there will be some things adjusted for the SF crowd. The new menu will be released in a few weeks or so, but do know this: there will be queso.

It’s looking like quite the team over there, with Isaac Shumway running the cocktail show at Bear vs. Bull, like we reported earlier. 2550 Mission St. at 22nd St.