Explore Aeroir at Headlands Center for the Arts


Aeroir: Taste of Place. Photo from Marin Headlands Center for the Arts.

By Dana Eastland. On Thursday November 19th, the Headlands Center for the Arts is hosting a dinner called Aeroir: Taste of Place. Um, sorry, what’s aeroir, you ask? It’s the term used by artist-in-residence Nicola Twilley of the blog Edible Geography to describe the local atmosphere that creates a unique flavor in food.

She is preparing a multicourse dinner with collaborators Zack Denfeld (The Center for Genomic Gastronomy) and Gabriel Harp (CoClimate), and of course it will feature the flavors of the Marin Headlands area. All of the diners’ senses will be involved in the evening, and the event also features special cocktails from The Long Now Foundation’s bar, The Interval, and Campari America. Cocktails begin at 6:30pm, and dinner follows. Tickets are $90 per person. 944 Simmonds Rd. at Rosenstock, Sausalito.