Fancy Updates: Saison, Skenes Ranch, Muncy at Michael Mina


A view into Saison’s kitchen (but this is not the chef’s counter, FYI). Photo: Bonjwing Lee.

Chef and co-owner Joshua Skenes of ~SAISON~ and Angler announced the launch of his new project, Skenes Ranch, where guests with high credit card limits can have custom experiences and learn about foraging, fly fishing, hunting, and more. While he’s focusing on this new venture (he hasn’t revealed the location just yet), he has also announced chef Laurent Gras is the executive chef of Saison and now a managing partner (Gras came on in July of 2018). ~ANGLER LOS ANGELES~ is also opening soon in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, over at ~MICHAEL MINA~, Nick Muncy (previously Coi) is the new executive pastry chef—look for spice-driven desserts that complement the Middle Eastern savory dishes, such as chocolate baba with kataifi, carob, orange blossom, or lemon-coconut cake with Buddha’s hand and meringue. He will also continue to release Toothache, his independent magazine.