Farina's Festa del Pesto Is On Now!


Photo courtesy of Farina.

Remember that faboo event last year, when ~FARINA~ offered their magical mandilli al pesto dish for half price for a week? Well, that lucky week has returned: it’s the Festa del Pesto, running from April 19th-28th. For ten days, you can order Farina’s signature dishes at these hard-to-resist prices: focaccia di Recco, $8; 
mandilli di seta al pesto genovese, $10; pan-seared Jon Dory filet in a Ligurian-style sauce of white wine, Italian pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, and taggiasche olives, $16; and Genovese sweet milk fritters served with citrus salad and blood orange vanilla sauce, $5. You can also buy the pesto for $15 a jar.

Speaking of the pesto, here’s “The Perfect” video I made with Chow.com about it in case you have any doubts about how utterly delicious it is, and here’s the recipe if you feel like working out your mortar and pestle at home.

Event Info

Monday Apr 19, 2010 – Wednesday Apr 28, 2010