First Look at B. on the Go, from B. Patisserie's Belinda Leong and Michel Suas


The communal table and sunny interior of b. on the go. Photo: ©


The Grec sandwich with rotisserie chicken. Photo: ©


The corner location of b. on the go. Photo: ©


The killer porchetta at B. on the Go. Photo: ©

Belinda Leong and Michel Suas of ~B. PATISSERIE~ continue to spoil us with the opening of their next project, ~B. ON THE GO~ (we previously wrote about it here). The wonder pastry duo took over the former Blue Fog Market space, which has had a series of failed businesses in its location, and they have created such a special corner space! It’s going to operate like a sister to b. patisserie, taking on the production of the croissants and doughs, and allowing the original location more room for their pastry craft.

They have also added a mustard-yellow rotisserie (it matches the color at b. patisserie) and will be making sandwiches with a variety of meats, from an outstanding porchetta (they chop up the meat and glorious crispy skin, saturate it with salsa verde, and nestle it all into their ciabatta) to the Grec sandwich with rotisserie Mary’s chicken and herbaceous yogurt, an homage to a shawarma-like sandwich (it comes on a soft roll) that Leong remembers from her days living in Paris. There will also be a Cubano, and their grilled cheese is very unusual: it’s made on a thinly sliced round of custom-made bread, about the size of a tortilla, that they fold over and fill with a variety of cheeses (smoked Gouda, Gruyère, and Swiss) and mushroom duxelles like a quesadilla. Decadent and delicious. Sandwiches range from $11-$13. There are also plans to sell the porchetta and chicken by the pound, and a vegetarian option will be added to the rotisserie too.

Additional items will include some salads and three kinds of classic desserts, like a pudding, panna cotta, and crème brûlée, plus a seasonal bread pudding and a galette, all designed for takeaway. Cookies range from lemon sable to ginger molasses to chocolate peanut butter. To be clear, nothing will be a duplicate from what you currently find at b. patisserie—each place has a different offering. Lastly, you’ll find some vinegar drinks, like mango mint and raspberry vinegar.

There is a counter where you will place your order, and there’s a large walnut communal table where you can eat your goodies (which Suas made—in addition to the other reclaimed walnut features in the space, including the counter!), although it’s mostly designed to be a takeaway spot. There are colorful Spanish tile floors and the beautiful glass tiles the color of wine in the kitchen, with lots of light. Have fun looking for the cute hand-painted pigs in the space.

If all goes according to plan, b. on the go will open on Thursday June 18th. Hours will be Tue-Sun 11am-4pm. We’ll keep you posted. UPDATE: B. ON THE GO IS NOW OPEN (AS OF JUNE 23RD). 2794 California St. at Divisadero.