First Taste of Matt Horn's New Burger Pop-Up: Matty's Old-Fashioned


The new Matty’s Old-Fashioned burger from Matt Horn of Horn Barbecue. Photo: ©


Bring on the caramelized onions. Photo: ©

Chef-owner Matt Horn of Horn Barbecue can’t stop, won’t stop. Just this past Saturday, he held his first pop-up for ~MATTY’S OLD-FASHIONED~, his new burger concept that is percolating—no news on the when and where just yet (although this SFGATE piece mentions Fresno is a possible location). It will be a pop-up at Horn Barbecue for now, selling limited tickets in advance on Tock (this last Saturday released 100 spots). Be sure to follow @mattyburgers for updates on the next date.

I have been mad craving a burger for a couple weeks, and this one definitely hit the spot. It was a double, with two rich, textured, savory patties (there’s brisket in the proprietary blend of dry-aged beef from Cream Co. Meats, of course) that are cooked through, topped with a hefty pile of deeply caramelized onions, cheese (there were a couple variations, they’re still fiddling with it), and a tangy secret sauce that has some smoked honey and roasted garlic in it, with a little pickle relish in the mix. It’s all nestled in a griddled potato bun that holds up well—it’s a saucy, drippy, cheesy burger, so you’ll need a handful of napkins at the ready. It’s the kind of burger you need to eat immediately because of the way everything melds together—you want to eat it while it’s all juicy-melty. Fortunately, the back patio is right there waiting for you.

I asked Matt if this was a spin on an Oklahoma burger, known for its onions, but he said it was inspired by the burger his Dad would make for him when he was a kid. It was fun to see everyone hanging out on the back patio at the picnic tables, with the music going, and the beer flowing (they just got their beer and wine license)—it’s always a friends-and-family affair at Horn. 2534 Mandela Parkway at 26th St., Oakland.