Fondue Cowboy Opens in SoMa

FC Interior 12.jpg

Photo from Fondue Cowboy.

Due to (softly) swing open its saloon doors this Thursday, Dave Mur’s ~FONDUE COWBOY~ is going to serve up bubbling pots of cheesy goodness, like the spicy cheddar ($12) with 12-month aged cheddar, Emmenthaler, a beer base, oven-roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, roasted jalapeño, Tapatío, and cilantro oil. That is some fondue pot. There are also Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Gorgonzola versions. Additional small plates include white bean or roasted potato salads, salumi, and of course three different chocolate fondues for dessert. You can swing by for a beer and fondue, or maybe just a beer—Mur sees the 43-seat space as a fondue lounge, where guests can hang out, whether it’s a romantic date or a larger group. There will also be a bit of a rustic Western vibe, with lots of wood and spaghetti western flicks playing on a flat-screen TV. (You can read the past hardhat piece here.) Hours are Tue-Sun 5pm-11pm.