Fundraisers and Feasts for Forage Kitchen


Photo from a Wild Kitchen dinner by Andria Lo.

After Iso Rabins was forced by the city to close his wildly (heh) popular SF Underground Market, he is now announcing his latest project, ~FORAGE KITCHEN~, a food business incubator. Here’s more: “This will be a space not only for professional food makers, but for the entire Bay Area food community, with different membership levels that allow people to use the kitchen from anywhere from a couple hours a month to 40 hours a week. Say you want to can 100 jars of jam, but aren’t sure exactly how to do it, and can’t imagine the mess in your small kitchen, we will have space for you. Along with training on professional equipment, as well as support to guide you through the process. Don’t want to rent space but want to learn to cook, we’ll have classes. Want to learn how to butcher using professional equipment? There’s space for you too.”

There is a mention of a 10,000-square-foot building in SoMa, with a rooftop garden, but before that gets off the ground, he’s going to be hosting a variety of fundraiser events, including a wild boar scavenger hunt and Gypsy jazz pig roast (on March 24th), and a Basque family-style feast (held March 30th-31st).

The Basque feast will be a family-style meal held in conjunction with Slow Food, and the menu looks so delicious, including cherry soup, asparagus with guanciale and wild flowers, salt cod rice, a little gem salad, and the choice of lamb, or clams, squid, and octopus, or stewed beans with chard, plus bread pudding and fresh fruit for dessert. Yeah, wear some loose pants. $45 per person, drinks are additional. Seatings at 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm. Friday March 30th tickets and Saturday March 31st tickets. 710 Florida St. at 19th St.