Getting Pimped


Here’s Sunshine.


Meet Veronique, a lovely tart.

Yeah, it’s dangerous to know the sugar pimp. While I was home toiling away on my column yesterday, my friend Gabriel Mitchell of ~MAISON MITCHELL~ came by, springing his latest tarty treats on me. First, there was Veronique, a wicked combo of strawberries, chocolate, pistachio frangipane, crème légère, and a sablé crust, and Sunshine, made with lemon cream and lemon confit—talk about putting a little sunshine in my day. (They were so pretty I had to include pics of both. Why yes, I did eat a slice of each.)

You can order these little hussies for $20 for a six-inch tart, or $30 for an eight-and-a-half-inch tart, and the sugar pimp will hook you up. He’s also been working on some sick new jam flavors: strawberry and pinot, blackberry and star anise, rhubarb and vanilla (uh, one of the tastiest jams I have encountered in a while), and fig and bay (coming soon); $12 for a hefty 9 oz. jar. I am officially jacked up.