Guest Chef Action This Week at Pal's Takeaway and Tacolicious


Tomorrow (Wednesday) at ~PAL’S TAKEAWAY~, their guest chef sandwich series continues with a return visit from Sara Spearin of Dynamo Donut. She will be offering an unglazed sour cherry-cornmeal donut sandwich with smoky roast turkey, spicy apple slaw, cheddar-jalapeño spread, and Annabelle’s wild arugula. Yeah, you read that correctly: donut sandwich. Inside Tony’s Market, 2751 24th St. at Hampshire, 415-203-4911.

And starting this Thursday, the guest chef series resumes at the ~TACOLICIOUS MARKET STAND~, with Chris Kronner, Bar Tartine, on Thursday October 14th; Michael Tusk, Quince, is doing duck tacos with red cabbage and spiced quince on October 21st; Hoss Zaré, Zaré at Fly Trap, is on October 28th; and Josh Skenes, Saison, is on November 4th. It’s an eight-week gig going through December, with upcoming appearances from Grace Nguyen from Out the Door, Jenn Puccio from Marlowe, and more. Proceeds go to CUESA’s education programs.