Help a Sister Out. Actually, Two


Michelle Polzine at Cafe Hawelka in Vienna. Photo courtesy of Ms. Polzine.

Okay, folks, here are some rockin’ ladies starting their own badass businesses, and it would be great for us to lend a hand (and some cash money).

First up is the ever-wonderful Michelle Polzine, whose new project, ~20TH CENTURY CAFÉ~, is going to bring her excellent baked goods to us. All. The. Time. Could not be more excited for her. She’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to get her totally ready to go. You have to watch her silent movie video—it’s one of the most endearing Kickstarter videos I’ve seen. Pledges start at a reasonable $5; for only $25 you get a pastry and beverage once the café opens. You know you want to donate. You do, you do!

Tricia Tracey, a chef who previously worked at Momo’s and Roti and is known by many folks in the industry, is opening a new gastropub in San Francisco called ~MYRIAD~. Check out a great guest blog piece she wrote for Michael Ruhlman about the project here. She’s been doing pop-ups to get ready, and now has an ambitious Kickstarter campaign of $60,000. She’s less than $10,000 away, and has until Sunday May 5th to get the last of her funding. Let’s make sure she gets there!