Hey Kids! Here Comes the Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Truck!


A sneak peek of the Humphry Slocombe ice cream truck, Betty, currently getting wrapped in LA. Photo courtesy of Sean Vahey.

Hide your kids, because the ~HUMPHRY SLOCOMBE~ ice cream truck will soon be prowling the streets of SF, and probably playing some punk rock over the loudspeaker (what, you thought it would be playing nice ice cream truck jingles and melodies?). Jake Godby and Sean Vahey are flying down to LA to pick up their black and blue beast, Betty (Mrs. Slocombe’s first name on the TV series was Betty) on July 6th. They will be debuting their Snapchat (@humphryslocombe) and tweeting on the drive back up I-5 as they make secret stops and hand out swag. Yeah, for once, there will be something tasty on the I-5.

The truck will debut at Outside Lands, serving four to six flavors, bourbon Coke floats, and stand by for a special HS novelty as well. (Will it be a missile pop with Jesus Juice?)

The truck will start hitting SF streets at the end of July, and follow their Instagram for upcoming news about a contest they’ll be launching: all you need to do is snap a pic of the truck and post with some sassy hashtag they will surely come up with, and you can win a pint, presto! #lickthat