ICHI Sushi to Open for Lunch


Rock star sushi at ICHI. See, it’s shiny.

Starting in May, ~ICHI SUSHI~ in Bernal Heights will expand their hours to include lunch. Now you can have the same fab fish you’re used to at dinner for your mid-day meal. Sushi chef Taka Tozawa (Tsunami Sushi, Tokyo Go Go, Kiji, Tamasei Sushi), who’s been working on-and-off with chef-owner Tim Archuleta for years, will head up the lunch service. Some of the lunch options will reflect dishes they’re carrying over from the newly closed ICHI Lucky Cat Deli, like bento-style lunch combos and the ever-popular tonkatsu pork sliders. Follow their blog or Twitter feed for upcoming details. Lunch will be available Tue-Fri from 11:30am on; dinner will continue to be available Mon-Sat.