Jeremy Fox Guest Cheffing at Saison with Two (Very) Special Guests


The kitchen (and counter seats) at Saison; photo from Facebook.

Some exciting news: chef Jeremy Fox will be cooking at ~SAISON~ from June 14th-18th while Saison’s chef Joshua Skenes is off to the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen (he was voted one of the 10 Best New Chefs 2011). Fox is calling the series SMITH@Saison—and he has a posse: collaborating with him on the menu is chef Kim Alter, recently departed from Plate Shop. Fox writes, “I am fortunate to be joined in the kitchen by chef Kim Alter for the SMITH@Saison dinners. Having cooked together over the last several years, Kim is a natural fit for collaborating on daily tasting menus. I feel even more confident that, along with Saison’s own rock star staff, we will achieve the best experience possible for our guests.”

And there’s going to be someone else in the kitchen you may recognize: Eli Kirshtein from Top Chef. Ends up Fox and Kirshtein, both Atlanta boys, had a good time together at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival in May, so Fox thought it would be fun to cook together out here. A nightly tasting menu will be offered ($128, and $88 for wine pairings), and I’d recommend reserving the kitchen counter seats for a ringside view. Fox said the menu will reflect an evolution from the cooking he was doing at Ubuntu, and will include changes throughout the week. Reservations: 415-828-7990.