Join Eat Drink 365, and Let's Party Next Week


Don’t miss a minute of this party with Eat Drink 365. Photo by Marc Fiorito with Gamma Nine Photography via Facebook.

While Eat Drink SF won’t happen until August 20th-23rd, the organizers have launched something to tide you over: Eat Drink 365, a yearlong membership that offers insider access to quarterly events and curated food experiences, as well as other perks, like a $50 credit with Reserve and a 10 percent discount to Eat Drink SF tickets.

Yours truly has been tapped to help curate some of the events, along with folks on the advisory board like Ceri Smith (wine director of Tosca Cafe and owner of Biondivino Wine Boutique), Thomas McNaughton (executive chef and partner of Ne Timeas Restaurant Group), and Mika Takeuchi (Food Fashionista and brand ambassador for Michelin).

The launch party for Eat Drink 365 is at Natoma Cabana next Tuesday April 14th, with complimentary cocktails, beer, wine, and food from Bacon Bacon. Sign up to join the partay! Membership is $125 a year.