Josey Baker Monday Pizza at The Mill Goes Permanent and Pizza Champs News


A hot slice from Josey Baker. Photo: ©

Have you had a chance to hit the Monday night pizza party by Josey Baker at ~THE MILL~? Not yet? Well, lucky you, because they decided to make it a permanent thing! Yes! And they’re working on a preordering system for those of you coming in for an entire pizza. Also in the Josey department, his book (Josey Baker Bread) is being released this month! There are all kinds of cool events around the launch, including a pizza party at The Mill on Monday April 14th (with taco pizza!) and a special event at State Bird Provisions on Tuesday April 22nd. Check it all out here.

More local people rocking it: at the 30th Annual International Pizza Expo in Vegas, ~CAPO’S~ chef Matt Molina and ~TONY’S PIZZA NAPOLETANA~ chef Laura Meyer both received first place in their divisions (Matt won American Pan, and Laura won Nontraditional). Matt Molina also won the ultimate title of “World Champion Pizza Maker of the Year.” Go on!