Le Club Morphing Into a French-Japanese Restaurant

A star tablehopper reader tipped me off over a month ago that the former owner of El Paseo in Marin was taking over the ~LE CLUB~ space on Nob Hill. Alas, tracking down and getting a reply from the mysterious Seigo Takei proved to be very challenging. And fruitless. But now the Inside Scoop confirms the rumor, reporting that Seigo Takei and his wife, Keiko Takahashi, will be opening a restaurant “serving their signature Japanese and French-influenced kaiseki menu.” They are targeting late summer, and the current name is Keiko à Nob Hill, but that is subject to change. They reportedly have quite the wine cellar, a legacy from their time at El Paseo. Let’s hope they hire a publicist, otherwise getting more information from these two is gonna feel like a search for the holy grail (and alas, not as entertaining as the Monty Python version). 1250 Jones St. at Clay.