Locavore Closing October 1st


At Locavore’s friends and family party. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

After two years of business, owner Mario Duarte of ~LOCAVORE~ in Bernal sent a note to say he has made the difficult decision to close the restaurant. He says in an email, “After two years of holding two full-time positions (GM at locavore and director of IT security for various firms), a 26-month-old daughter, a wife, and a new baby on the way (February 2013), I have decided with great difficulty to close locavore on October 1st—I am also going to sell the building along with the restaurant space.” He adds: “My partners (Michael Avdeev and chef Jonathan Merritt) and I have had such an amazing experience at locavore … Michael and I are going back to strictly focusing on our security careers, but we expect great things from chef Jonathan Merritt.  Please keep an eye for him and his future projects.” Best wishes to the team.