Lunch Service: New and No More


The sure-to-be-missed sardine wrap at Zaré’s Grill and Grain. Photo: ©

A couple spots have opened for lunch in Oakland: according to Chow, ~MARZANO~ is serving lunch on the weekends from 12pm-5pm. Yup, pizza and cocktails for lunch!
 4214 Park Blvd. at Glenfield, Oakland
, 510-531-4500.

During the week, you can now swing by ~MUA~ for lunch Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm. The menu includes salads, mac and cheese, a variety of sandwiches, and some larger plates. 2442a Webster St. at Broadway, Oakland, 510-238-1100.

Back in San Francisco’s area code, a SoMa worker pal was sad to inform me that ~ZARÉ AT FLY TRAP~ has discontinued their lunch service as Zaré’s Grill and Grain. Seems the effort-cost-profit ratio wasn’t quite working out. Bummer, because I know a number of regulars enjoyed the menu. At least there’s still dinner (a mighty tasty one at that).