Marin Sun Farms Is Serving Lunch in Pt. Reyes Station

Excuse me for just quoting a newsletter verbatim, but here goes: “Five years ago when a flood heavily damaged ~MARIN SUN FARMS’~ eatery and butcher shop, David Evans vowed to rebuild. Starting on Saturday May 29th, the lunch-time food service will return from 12pm-4pm, Wednesday through Sunday … Chef Benjamin Roberts of Marin Sun Farms has built a small focused menu that features innovative local burgers accompanied by salads and ‘pork or cattle’ fries—fried in pork lard or beef tallow. Ingredients are sourced from local, sustainable, and organic producers. The restaurant will also offer a selection of beer and wine that highlights local, artisan, and family producers … The dining area features informal seating for 34 among the rolling greenery of West Marin.” Congrats, David and the Marin Sun Farms team, on getting it reopened.