Marina Green News: Projects from Woodhouse Fish Co. and Dynamo Donut


A rendering of the proposed Woodhouse spot. Courtesy Midglen Studio.

Looks like the MacNiven brothers (of ~WOODHOUSE FISH CO.~ and ~WEST OF PECOS~) are going to be opening a casual and quick-service crab and clam shack on the Marina Green—well, if they get the necessary approvals from the city. As mentioned in the Scoop and The Examiner, the space is the historic Marina Degaussing Station—which demagnetized ships in order to avoid triggering mines—and has a smashing view of the Golden Gate Bridge (and hello, the upcoming America’s Cup races). Some chowder on the outdoor patio sounds mighty fine. Stand by to see if they clear all the hurdles to get this going. (The Scoop also mentioned the new Woodhouse chef is August Schuchman, previously at Cibo, Nick’s Cove, Waterbar, and Yankee Pier.)

Since we’re talking about that area, it’s time to update you on the ~DYNAMO DONUT AND COFFEE~ kiosk that I mentioned was also coming to the Marina Green. Ends up the permits were finally approved in August, so now they are working hard to be open before the new year. The location is just off Baker Street at Marina Boulevard on the Marina Green.