Meat-a-Balls in FiDi: Meatball Mondays at Barbacco, Meatball Bar


Meatballs from Barbacco. Photo: Eric Wolfinger.

Consider this your meatball report. Mondays are now Meatball Mondays at ~BARBACCO~, where they will be serving them up with complimentary spaghetti alla marinara. Look for the classic polpette (Sicilian meatballs with pine nuts, raisins, braised chard, spicy tomato sugo), and two other kinds, like beef or chicken (all $16). Available for lunch Mon 11:30am-3pm and dinner Mon 5pm-10pm.

After the sad closure of ~SHORTY GOLDSTEIN’S~ in the FiDi, ABC license activity reveals who is taking over the space: ~MEATBALL BAR~. Eater reports the Italian owners (Gianni Chiloiro and Angelo Sannino of Doppio Zero) will be serving meatballs from all kinds of cuisines, not just Italian. And we’re not just talking sandwiches: there will be different sauces and broths, plus vegetable sides and rice and quinoa. They plan to open in May after a quick refresh of the space, serving a fast-casual lunch and early dinner. 126 Sutter St. at Montgomery.