Michelle Polzine's New Project in Hayes Valley, and Nectar to Open in the Lower Haight


Michelle Polzine at Meals on Wheels. Photo: © tablehopper.com.


Nectar’s sign, by Romanowski. Photo via Facebook.

An ABC license posted last week for ~20TH CENTURY CAFE~, an exciting new café project in Hayes Valley from Range’s pastry chef, Michelle Polzine. Inside Scoop shares these details: the Danube region (Budapest, Vienna, and Prague) is the inspiration, and she is working with charcutier Peter Temkin (Show Dogs, Foreign Cinema) on some savory items for the menu.

The café is opening in an old laundromat space that is in a historical building, and is very close to the forthcoming Rich Table. Oh, and about the name: it was inspired by her favorite film, Twentieth Century, starring Carole Lombard and John Barrymore. Look for an opening in early 2013—it’s an extensive build-out—which means she will continue at Range. (Thank heavens, I will be able to score her stone fruit desserts in the meantime.) 198 Gough St. at Oak.

Not too far away in the Lower Haight, SFoodie reports ~KATZ BAGELS~ is turning into ~NECTAR~, serving “rustic, organic foods at an affordable price point.” There is also a back patio and garden, with artwork by Romanowski. Nectar opens on Saturday June 23rd at a public reception from 6pm-10pm. 663 Haight St. at Steiner, 415-621-5183.