More Bad Behavior in Farina Land, Including a Potential Taker for the Farina Space, Yass


Exterior of Farina. Photo courtesy of Farina.

The shenanigans just continue: first at ~FARINA~, and now ~FARINA PIZZA & CUCINA ITALIANA~, which just got evicted by U.S. Marshals. Seems the group doesn’t like to pay rent (which they hadn’t paid since 2015!), vendors, wages, and other bills.

And now there’s a, er, misguided concept that wants to take over the former Farina space on 18th Street: ~YASS~, a members-only, LGBTQ co-working and social club from Brian Tran. The problem is the project is backed by Peter Thiel’s firm, Founders Fund. Yass, actually, no, the local LGBTQ community isn’t too keen on Trump-supportin’ Thiel, and that includes his money. How about starting an LGBTQ club with investors that are more in line with the right values? A lease reportedly hasn’t been signed yet, so let’s hope this concept goes back to the drawing board. And someone needs to burn some palo santo in that space stat, get some good juju flowing in there. 3560 18th St. at Dearborn. [Via Eater via The Guardian.]