More Presidio News: Another Traci Des Jardins Project, Arguello


A rendering of the future Presidio Officers’ Club. Provided by the Presidio Trust.

The Presidio Trust announced on Wednesday May 21st that in addition to Traci Des Jardins’ new restaurant, The Commissary, there is also a big project moving into The Presidio Officers’ Club. The new project will include another restaurant from Des Jardins, called ~ARGUELLO~, in addition to two floors of education centers, event spaces, a theater, and exhibits.

First, about Arguello (they haven’t decided yet if it will be pronounced with the local but incorrect pronunciation or not. #SFproblems): it will be an authentic Mexican restaurant, with seating for 118 people inside and on the heated patio. During the day, the model will be similar to Des Jardins’ Mijita restaurants, with casual service intended to accommodate various visitors’ needs. In the evenings, it will become a more traditional full-service restaurant. They’ll have a full bar, which will definitely make that heated patio a fun place to be, and will also aim to be family-friendly and comfortable for visitors and locals.

As for the rest of the project, it’s aim will be to educate the public through interactive exhibits and events, including dances, performances, and live music. The Officers’ Club was originally built in 1815, when the Presidio was occupied by the Spanish Army. Then, after several different incarnations and a remodel in 1934, it became famous for its glittering social scene. Officers would mingle with Hollywood stars, including Bob Hope, Veronica Lake, and Joan Crawford. Different areas, including two different event spaces, will offer the public lots of opportunities to learn about the Presidio’s unique history and role in the cultural history of San Francisco. The Presidio Heritage Gallery space will display artifacts and exhibits, and various classrooms and public spaces will provide room for lectures, films, and performances. You can peek at the floor plan here.

The project is slated to open in September of this year, and we’ll let you know when more details emerge. 50 Moraga Ave. at Graham.