Morty's Deli, Soon Delivering ZZ Tapas


The Reuben at Morty’s.

The next time you’re getting tipsy during happy hour at a Polk Street bar, you can place a call to ~MORTY’S DELICATESSEN~ for some delivery, whether you want a kickass Reuben off their regular menu, or a stoner-happy selection off their new ZZ Tapas snack menu. Some sample items: you can get a dozen Buffalo chicken wings with Cambazola blue sauce ($12), Fleetwood MACNuggets (six deep-fried mac and cheese nuggets for $6.25), Catfish Stevens Tacos (two tacos made with grilled catfish, apple cider ‘slaw, avocado, and chipotle salsa), and in a brilliant move, bacon for $1 a slice. Oh, and if you’re feeling especially creative after a blunted/tipsy happy hour, Morty’s is open to suggestions for new dishes—and if your idea is picked as a weekly special, you can win a round of ZZ Tapas (choice of three). Simply pair a band name and a dish (songs don’t count) and email it to Morty’s.

Delivery is free with a $15 purchase, and will be available Mon-Fri from 5pm-9pm. (If things go well, and they better, look for extended hours and territory.) In the beginning, delivery will just be to Polk Street bars (like Vertigo, Hemlock, Lush Lounge, etc.), as well as bars in SoMa, Lower Haight, and the Mission. Whoa, I think this means their Monday Cubano special might be even closer to arriving at my abode on my deadline day—it just means I’ll need to leave my computer and go get a beer somewhere. Heh. It all starts on Monday July 12th. Just call 415-567-DELI (3354).