New BBQ Truck Is Firing Up: The Boneyard


Boneyard ribs and brisket from the smoker. Photo via Facebook.


The (in progress) Boneyard Truck. Photo courtesy of Mike Bradford.

Coming soon to the city is ~THE BONEYARD~, a barbecue truck from Mike Bradford (his wife is Mutsumi Takehara of Bernal’s 903 and Sandbox Bakery) and Rich Mainzer. You may have seen Mike’s custom, mega-smoker parked in front of 903 in past months. Ends up he’s been smoking meats for more than 15 years, and Rich and Mike have been dueling over who can make better barbecue ribs for some time. Well, the two rib fanatics are going to be smoking meats on the mofo smoker and then selling them on the truck. The truck matches the smoker a bit, outfitted in flat black with smoked-out windows. Yeah, you’ll see it comin’.

The truck is going to offer Southern-style barbecue made with well-sourced meat, like ribs, brisket (which comes with Mutsumi’s pain de mie, a nice twist on the usual white bread), pulled pork sandwiches (in potato rolls), and, are you ready for this: wings that have been smoked for four hours, and are then fried to order and given a little “Buffalo mop” (i.e., a light saucing). Sign. Me. Up. The meats will feature a light rub, good smoke, and a touch of sauce, that’s it. There will also be sides, like coleslaw with a kick from wasabi and horseradish, German potato salad (a lighter style made with bacon, potatoes, vinegar, and seasoning), and of course, sweets from Mutsumi, like brownies, lemon bar cookies, and more (she is also working with the truck on some special breads).

Once they pass inspections within a few weeks, they are hoping to appear at Off the Grid, Streat Food Park, and to dial in a couple locations/lots where they can park. Keep up with The Boneyard on Facebook and Twitter, and of course, I’ll keep you posted.