New Delis/Cafés Around Town


Photo from L’Acajou.

Not like it’s going to diminish the lines at Ike’s (whose fate remains TBD)… I got this tip too late last week from a reader, but here you go: there’s a new deli in the Mish next door to the 500 Club called ~CLARE’S DELI~. The menu of sandwiches ranges from a meatball grinder to pastrami to a $3 bologna and cheese on white bread, served 11am-11pm daily. According to Urban Daddy, you can bring your food into the 500 Club, or TCB Courier will soon be able to deliver it to you if you live in the Mission. 3505 B 17th St. at Guerrero, 415-621-3505.

There’s also a new-ish café in SoMa called ~L’ACAJOU~ that has opened in the former MotoJava space. It’s serving De La Paz coffee and espresso drinks with fresh-baked pastries like blueberry muffins, banana walnut bread, berry apricot scones, and cheddar chipotle scones, plus lunchtime fare like a pulled Moroccan lamb sandwich, a Tuscan chicken panino, endive salad, chicken salad, and a grilled Mediterranean vegetable panino (plus cookies for your 3pm sweet tooth—even vegan ones). You can return for beer and wine in the afternoon (happy hour specials Mon-Fri from 3pm-6pm), and Saturday brunch means dishes like fried eggs or Belgian waffles. Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm. 498 9th St. at Bryant, 415-626-3683.