New Goan Cuisine Spot Opens in the Marina


My lunch in Goa at Mum’s Kitchen in Miramar (with chicken cafreal and pomfret curry).

I was pretty stoked to read this tidbit on Chowhound about the new ~VIVA GOA~ (N.B. beware the website music—the link to turn it off is tricky) Indian restaurant that recently opened in the Marina. My sis and I only had limited time to eat in Goa when we took our trip to India, but the food was really delicious (gotta love those Portuguese influences). I was happy to see dishes on the menu like pork vindaloo, rechardo pomfret stuffed with red spice paste (my sis and I were addicted to pomfret), and the freaking delish chicken cafreal or xacuti curry, plus bebinca for dessert. This is now at the top of my “check it out, yo” list. (There also appears to be a lunch buffet for $8.99.) 2420 Lombard St. at Scott, 415-440-2600.