New Meaty Treats in the Mission


Interior of Lung Shan/Mission Chinese Food.

A couple new meaty options for you in the Mission: starting on Tuesday March 15th, ~MAVERICK~ will be preparing 17 Butter Burgers every Tuesday. What is this, you ask? Their new chef de cuisine, Matt Brimer, basically cures large dices of beef overnight with salt, pepper, and herbs, and then grinds the beef with butter and forms it into patties. The patty is cooked in a cast-iron pan, served on a housemade English muffin with a “martini” mayo, smoked Gouda, truffled cornichons, and comes with a side of steak fries, and will be paired with a full glass of red wine. As partner and executive chef Scott Youkilis said in an email to me, “This is one squirty, bad-ass burger.” And it costs (you guessed it): $17. 

Meanwhile, over on Mission Street, chef Danny Bowien of ~MISSION CHINESE FOOD~ has fired up Ryan Ostler’s former smoker, and is doing “Chinese” BBQ, which includes smoked beef brisket, pulled pork trotters, and Xi’an lamb cheeks, served with smoked cola-BBQ sauce, pickles, and white bread (yup, old school). Bowien is also doing some kung pao corned beef ($11), lord help us.