Nick's Moving Into the Kasa Marina Space


A couple of Nick’s insane tacos.

I was asked to keep the new tenant for the Kasa Marina location under my hat, but it looks like the cat got way out of the bag. Meow! It’s Nick Fasanella, the original founder of Nick’s Crispy Tacos on Polk Street—while he’s no longer involved in that project at all, his numerous fans have been able to enjoy his kick-ass tacos at The Taco Shop at Underdogs in the Sunset for the past few years. As for this new venue, of course he has plans for a taco joint in this location. It’s going to be called ~TACKO~, a play on the ACK airport code for Nantucket, which is where he’s going to be opening a second location in 2012, according to the Inside Scoop. The new look is also going to reflect an East Coast sensibility; look for a May opening. 3115 Fillmore St. at Filbert.