Nombe Has a New Chef: Brandon Armstrong


The Nombe interior. Yelp photo by Claudine C.

Some chef changes at ~NOMBE~ in the Mission: chef Noriyuki-san (of Ramen Bull fame) went to Japan for a month this summer and did not return to Nombe (I will let you know if I hear where he is now). Taking his place is Brandon Armstrong (Clift Hotel chef, opening sous chef for Michael Mina and Bourbon Steak). While with the Michael Mina Group, Armstrong was no stranger to blending Japanese and French techniques and concepts. Look for more of a focus on small izakaya-style plates and sake/wine pairings and less on ramen, although Nombe will continue to offer tonkotsu and tantanmen as well as one specialty ramen daily.

This week, to welcome Armstrong, there will be a special four-course tasting menu (just $40), paired with two summer namazakes and two beers (the Nautilus hibiscus saison from Pacific Brewing Laboratories and the honey saison from Almanac Beer Company). There is also the kaiseki menu (seven courses, $39.95) and sake and drink pairings at an additional $25 (with all courses except the salad course).