Oh So Many Names Revealed!


Evan and Sarah Rich; photo from Facebook.

A few names for your upcoming project radar: first, a Kickstarter page reveals Evan and Sarah Rich’s Hayes Valley restaurant will be called ~RICH TABLE~.

Next, a Twitter tipster let me know William Werner’s upcoming pâtisserie will be called ~CRAFTSMAN AND WOLVES~.

Ryan Scott’s upcoming project in West Portal will be called ~MARKET & RYE~ (instead of Please & Thank You), according to Eater. You can read more details about the project (which is opening next week) and peek at the menu in the post.

And my hands-down, can’t touch this, very favorite new name has to be the transformation of the Mission Hill Saloon by the Dear Mom, chaps into ~THE UNRESOLVED LOVE LIFE OF EVELYN LEE~ (thanks to Grub Street for the heads up on that one). One of the owners, Jay Beaman, explains the origin of the name in a post on Mission Mission (via Eater): “Evelyn Lee was the madam of a brothel on 3rd street (close to where the ballpark is now). She murdered her first two husbands, lost the third to consumption and the fourth ran off with a legless irish prostitute named Connie Mack. She died of a laudanum overdose in 1871 at the age of 42.” That is some history. As for the name, something had to take the coveted place of Mister Lew’s Win-Win Bar and Grand Sazerac Emporium.