Oliveto Tomato Dinners September 18th-21st


Some of the tomatoes the chefs at Oliveto sampled. Photo via website.

The 23rd annual tomato dinners at ~OLIVETO~ have been pushed back a little later than usual, owing to a tardy (but awesome) tomato season this year. From Tuesday September 18th until Friday September 21st, Oliveto will be serving a variety of à la carte dishes that will showcase tomatoes in all their amazing forms. After sampling tons of local tomatoes, chef Jonah Rhodehamel and his team have selected the best, and will be presenting them on their special menu.

Some possible options include shaved green tomatoes with abalone, crème fraîche, and smoked sea salt; stuffed sardine with spicy tomato sauce and farro; and some really interesting desserts like tomato, cornmeal, and rosemary upside-down cake with lemon mascarpone cream. Remember, tomatoes are technically a fruit! Here is a preview of the menu, but it’s still in the planning stages, so be prepared for changes! Reservations can be made online or by calling the restaurant.