One Hell of a Way to Enjoy One Hell of a White Truffle


Oliveto’s 604-gram truffle.

Mamma mia. ~OLIVETO~ scored an amazing 604-gram white truffle (you can read more about that beast that took over an hour to dig out here, and watch a video about Giorgio the truffle hunter here). Owner Bob Klein has been traveling to Italy for 14 years to bring back truffles for the Oliveto truffle dinners, and he says in those years he has never seen such a gorgeous and bountiful crop as this one.

And here’s the bonus: not only is Oliveto hosting their truffle dinners this week, but starting this Wednesday November 17th at 5:30pm, come into Oliveto Cafe, where you’ll be able to order a pizza with truffle on it! (Klein was inspired by a Fontina, mozzarella, black truffle, and egg pizza at Il Camino pizzeria in Neive, Italy). Both black ($20) and white truffle ($30) pizzas will be offered for dinner through Saturday November 20th, and then after that date you’ll only be able to get black truffle pizzas, through December 5th. 5655 College Ave. at Shafter, Oakland, 510-547-5356.