Openings: Izakaya Hashibiro Kou, Tender Greens, Workshop Cafe, Smashburger


The interior at Izakaya Hashibiro Kou. Photo from Facebook.

Tasting Table caught the whiff of this opening today on Fillmore in the former Nan Korean space. ~IZAKAYA HASHIBIRO KOU~ is from the team that runs sister Korean Barbecue restaurants Yakini Q in San Francisco and San Jose. The chef is Nick Yoon, and their Facebook page shows photos of Japanese and Korean dishes like boneless short rib with vegetables and ponzu, yamakake yam with bigeye tuna, and dengaku miso grilled eggplant. 1560 Fillmore St. at Geary, 415-441-9294.

According to a tip from a reader, Southern California-based salad chain ~TENDER GREENS~ is reportedly opening its first San Francisco location (second in the Bay Area) on Monday September 23rd. As we mentioned earlier, former chef at Bluestem Brasserie, Sean Canavan, is at the helm of the operation and may be adding a few special things to this location, like butchery classes. Look for fast, fresh salads, soup, and sandwiches; check out the menu from another location here. 30 Fremont St. at Mission, 415-543-5200.

Downtown workers seeking a place to get some work done with Wi-Fi (without feeling like seat hogs) have a new spot to check out: ~WORKSHOP CAFE~ is actually designed with Wi-Fi workers in mind. Eater reports that the new technology-driven cafe is now open. They’ve got plenty of power outlets, printers and scanners, and ergonomic seating. Basically, it’s an office for those who don’t have one, along with coffee from Stumptown and food coming soon. Using the space costs $2 an hour, which is tracked using their smartphone app. 180 Montgomery St. at Bush, 415-322-1048.

International burger chain ~SMASHBURGER~’s first San Francisco location is landing in Potrero Center on September 21st. Look for burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs. 2300 16th St. Suite 293 at Potrero.