Pearl's Deluxe Burgers on Market Is Closing


Exterior photo by Rebecca Kinney. ©

Bummer, it looks like the second location of ~PEARL’S DELUXE BURGERS~ is closing at the end of the month. SFist reports that the new location simply wasn’t getting enough business to keep the doors open. Though the location is near lots of Mid-Market redevelopment, it seems they weren’t quite close enough to the action to make it. The piece mentions a rumor going around that landlord John Gall might have raised the rent, as well, though owner Young Yi declined to comment on that. Yi also mentions safety concerns for his staff, including an incident in which an employee was punched outside the restaurant. Rough. Fortunately, their burgers, shakes, fries, and onion rings will still be available at the original Post Street location. 1001 Market St. at 6th St., 415-861-1605.