Pop-Ups Galore to Start Serving at The Corner


Photo from The Corner.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that Eskender Aseged was going to be hosting a Moroccan-influenced Radio Africa & Kitchen on Fridays at ~THE CORNER~, and I also heard from CatHead’s Barbecue—a trio of professional chefs who are hosting their menu of ‘cue on Saturday nights from 6pm-1am—that there will also be a “reverse happy hour” starting at 10:30pm, with more of a late-night snack menu. You can take a look at their menu here, which includes plates of St. Louis ribs, pulled pork, and braised brisket; you can follow them on Twitter here for special offers.

And it gets cooler: according to Grub Street, The Corner is going to be hosting a bunch of other pop-up businesses, from EAT to Parada 22 to Kasa. Here’s the post with additional details. 2199 Mission St. at 18th St., 415-875-9258.