Presidio Social Club Ends Its Foie Fiesta


Image via SFist; original photo by Eric Risberg/AP.

After all the hullabaloo that ~PRESIDIO SOCIAL CLUB~ found a loophole to keep serving foie gras (the restaurant is on federal land, so they were exempt from following state law) … but not so fast. It ends up PSC’s landlords, the Presidio Trust, weren’t happy with the foie-serving fracas, so PSC has taken foie off their menu and issued this statement: “Presidio Social Club respects and empathizes with the Presidio Trust and their position on the California state ban of the sale of foie gras. As a result, Presidio Social Club will not have foie gras on the restaurant’s menu nor will it be promoted.”

At least we had enough time for SFist to come up with this funny meme.