Prettying Up Some Petits Fours at Dragonfly Cakes


An event recap by Daisy Chow, tablehopper editorial assistant.

Perhaps you noticed some gorgeous petits fours in last week’s ‘Hopper Holiday Gift Guide? Well, the good folks at Sausalito-based Dragonfly Cakes also offer classes, and last Saturday, I had the good fortune to be invited to one of their ~PETITS FOURS CLASSES~.

Owner Brooks Coulson Nguyen started off the class with a brief intro to petits fours (these delectable little cakes are like mini layer cakes covered with marzipan and then dipped in chocolate), then demonstrated how to assemble the many layers, all while sharing handy tips on how to make ‘em at home. For the second half of the class, each of the dozen or so students got to dip and decorate as many petits fours as we wanted, choosing from flavors like raspberry and vanilla-orange cake and decorations made of modeling chocolate, not tooth-chipping gum paste. And if you’re like me, you bungle a couple pieces as an excuse to eat them! At the end of class, we got to take home all the fruits of our artistic labor, plus a recipe packet. (See photos from the class here.)

This is a fun class where you get lots of room to be creative without any of the hard work, like mixing, baking, or dish-washing. How nice. (And if you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the home-baker in your life, you can get them a gift certificate for upcoming classes here.)