PSA: What to Do With Extra Holiday Food and Other Ways to Help Out this Season


Boxes of surplus from the Marin farmers’ market headed to ExtraFood. Photo via Facebook.

By Dana Eastland. It’s a time of excess, but it’s also important to remember that many in our community are in need. Of course, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank can use any of your donations, now and throughout the year, but there are plenty of places where your excess food can find a home too.

Food businesses have long used Food Runners to donate excess food to the hungry, and now there’s even an app to make it easier. It’s available for iOS and Android. If you don’t own a business but do find yourself with excess food, here’s how you can help. Basically, there’s no need to let any of that go to waste—let Food Runners show you how!

There is also Feeding Forward, an app that helps connect excess food to those who need it most. Elan has a fantastic story on the 25-year-old CEO of the company, and you can download the app here.

Up in Marin, ExtraFood also helps connect excess food with those who need it most. They make it incredibly easy—all you have to do is reach out and donate.