Quick Recap of What's Coming Soon to Valencia


Behind that curtain is THE OVEN (at Bar Tartine). Photo: © tablehopper.com.

Since there are so many upcoming projects coming to Valencia, I thought you could use a quick recap on intended opening dates:

The bread and sandwich shop at ~BAR TARTINE~ is looking like August 1st—the team is working out the ventilation with the brand-new oven. Yup, that baby is a hot one.

The long-awaited pizzeria from ~FARINA~, ~FARINA PIZZA E CUCINA ITALIANA~, should be finished with construction and have everything installed by the end of July—the tables and chairs have come in, so it’s getting close. 700 Valencia St. at 18th St.

~THE ABBOT’S CELLAR~, the project from the Monk’s Kettle team, is currently aiming for the end of July. 740 Valencia St. at 18th St.

~AMBER DHARA~ (from Vijay Bist of Amber India) is gunning for a July 20th opening date. 680 Valencia St. at 18th St.

Things are moving along for ~LA RONDALLA~: the end of July or early August is the current target. 901 Valencia St. at 20th St.

Last but not least, ~MAU~, the Southeast Asian rice bowl and noodle project with Sante Salvoni is “realistically” targeting August 15th. 665 Valencia St. at 17th St.